Weird Plot

In this hilarious comedy/horror-spoof, Indian magician The Mighty Sardar (Paulson Ambookan)’s entire life turns to chaos when an old friend’s hippie wife, Dawn (scream-queen Debbie D) makes his night club her first stop from jail, following clairvoyant visions of her lost daughter still alive.

On the other side of town, six young girls in a gang called The Garter Snakes, flee the law only to mistakenly end up at an abandoned and haunted hotel. Dawn believes her daughter is among them.

The alliance between the foulmouthed bunch begins to crumble as gang leader Kris (Lucy Spain), a blonde whip-cracker, finds neophyte Red Herring (Alexia Anastasio), the youngest member, displaying hidden supernatural powers. The party is soon over for The Garter Snakes when horny, ruthless, and wildly inappropriate behavior becomes madness, fueled by a curse on the house. With phobic tough girl Munzi (Amanda Grace Marcheschi), knocked-up Tamara (Tationna Bosier), Russian ex-wrestler Nada (Mia Bené), and nerd genius Patti (Courtney Klotz) in tow, the girls succumb to their sins, finding themselves without a chance in hell to escape.

Their totally outrageous attempts to escape the house bring the girls up against deadly booby-traps constructed by the crazed former owner.

In an effort to prove himself, our unlikely hero Sardar must prevent a battle that the girls can’t win between The Garter Snakes and conjured Indian goddess Kali The Trampler. The showdown brings a cornball exorcism using Bollywood-style dancers from Sardar’s club to save the trapped occupants and possibly the whole town.
Joel M. Reed (Bloodsucking Freaks) as the demon-heckler, Jason Yachanin (Poultrygeist: Night of The Chicken Dead), and Joe Zaso (Barricade), are featured in this homage to B-movies and supernatural-themed films like Paranormal Activity.

Directed by Troma-alumni Kevin Sean Michaels.


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